Folding Glass Systems are the most aesthetic means of creating functional and stylish spaces at homes, work places and other areas. Folding Glass can be kept closed in adverse weather conditions, ensuring effective protection against adverse external factors. It can be completely opened in favorable weather, and can be used as an outdoor area. Folding Glass Systems allow using the space in the most functional way in four seasons.

Its robust and strong structure contributes to sound and heat insulation. It offers a stylish look that suits your space with its color and design options. It adds visual value to spaces with its architectural design and profile and glass coloring options for your concept, and ensures you enjoy your space without interrupting with the outside view.

  • A maximum height of 2500 mm is applied with this system. (As a reference, it can also be applied up to 2700 mm.)
  • The maximum width of each flap in the system is 600 mm.
  • Each flap in the system is carried by 8 roll bearings with a diameter of 31 mm.
  • Every cap used in the flaps are hinged, thus allowing easy application in any angle.
  • The ball bearings are wide and double, which ensures the flaps can be turned very easily in any angle.
  • The horns are hinged and can be folded.
  • The fiber rovings are applied on the flaps.
  • It has a stopper piece which acts as a lock to prevent movement of the flaps in the wind.
  • The corner piece in angled turns in the system offer ease in assembling.
  • The locks are adjustable, and cannot be moved by the wind.
  • The gaskets are inserted in the shape of H, which decreases the risk of water leakage between the gaskets.
  • The polyurethane glue contains anti-bacterial additive.
  • The UV-added gaskets help to minimize the problem of yellowing.
  • The glasses used in the Folding Series are tempered and have a thickness of 8mm. Alternative color options are available.
  • The system weighs 25-30 kg per m².
  • All aluminum profiles in the system can be painted with electrostatic dust paint.