Hinged Awning is offered as the most economical solution among all Awning models. The aluminum assembly comprising the Awning is covered by guarantee for 2 years, except for user errors. Imported acrylic fabric is covered by 5-year guarantee by the importer. The engine and automation products in the Awning is covered by 5-year guarantee by the importer.
Hinged Awning systems which combine aesthetic lines with quality have a vast application area, including work places, gardens, balconies and terraces. It can optionally be integrated with an engine for automatic operation.

With the sensors which can be added as per requirements, all protective actions can be taken in any weather condition and it can be controlled fully automatically.

With your own choices of aluminum and fabric according to the concept, you can add value to your spaces. With the hinged Awning, you can enjoy comfort without letting the sun bring you down.

Resistant to Climate Conditions

It offers you different experiences with its high-resistant aluminum structure compliant with any weather condition and with its various functions.


  • Hinged Awning is assembled with fittings made of high-resistance aluminum.
  • The hinge bars of the hinged Awning is manufactured of high-resistance aluminum extrusion profiles. It has a size of 72×36 and a wall thickness of 3 mm.
  • The system contains high-resistance springs to stretch the fabric.
  • The tension is maintained with steel-coated wire springs inside.
  • The front facade profile of the hinged Awning is manufactured as high-resistance aluminum extrusion profile.
  • The profile has a size of 49×52 mm and weighs 880 gr per meter.
  • A gutter has been designed in the front facade profile to drain rain waters.

Somfy and Becker engines are used in our products. It allows operating the Awning with a single touch of a remote control.

The engines in the systems are covered by 5-year warranty, and they are manufactured in compliance with the terms of international certifications. It can be optionally supported by a sun, wind and rain sensor. Thus, the Awning can be automatically opened or closed at desired weather conditions.

The durability of the engines are tested under extremely challenging climate conditions. Before Somfy engine is shipped to your home, it is controlled at the facility to guarantee its long-term reliability. Like all Somfy equipment, the engines inherently comply with all safety standards. Somfy works with other manufacturers which convert your awnings and shutters into quality electrical equipment. Such equipment offer you efficiency and reliability as a product of shared expert knowledge and experience. The “Powered by Somfy” label on your shutters or Awnings guarantee that you have purchased an equipment that runs with a Somfy engine. Somfy engines are covered by 5-year guarantee.

  • Silent and smooth operation
  • Upper and lower limit positions without the assembly kit
  • Wireless control with integration of a receiver
  • Dynamic loading control starting from the stop moment
  • High closing force value in all Awning applications “(+)”
  • Temporary limit adjusting via remote control
  • Limiting the engine at the desired level via remote control
  • Multiple Awning operation via remote control
  • Lights on/off and dimmer function via remote control
  • Pre-programming with ‘’my’’ favorite location.

Becker aims to add value to your home with its Awning engines, sectional door engines, screen engines, shutter engines and industrial door engines, which offer full automation, smart comfort, high level of security and energy-saving. Among the Awning engine products, electronic limit switch engines, mechanical limit switch engines, receiver-integrated electronic limit switch engines, and sensor control units, sensor sets, sensor systems, cable control units, wireless units and accessories, which will ensure comfort in use, expands the range for your selection. Use with Awning engine, electronic limit switch engines, 63 mm control steel pipes, L44/14 C PS(+) – L120/11 C PS(+) product specifications and detailed information;

  • Silent and smooth operation
  • Parallel connection with a relay of the central system
  • Easy programmability via switches on the engine
  • Upper and lower limit positions without the assembly kit
  • Wireless control with integration of a receiver
  • Dynamic loading control starting from the stop moment
  • High closing force value in all Awning applications “(+)”
  • Easy assembling with “C-Plug” removable power cord