Pergola is an automatic awning system designed to convert cafés, restaurants, terraces, gardens, etc. outdoor areas into a indoor area. With its aesthetic and stylish design, it can make spaces usable for four seasons and brings added value to use these spaces at the ideal level of benefit. It can be installed in adjacent or standalone areas, thıs allowing covering the area in an aesthetic and functional way. With its various models and wide range of colors, it allows using outdoor areas in the most efficient way.

VANDALTD  offers you various models for solution depending on the architectural structure of the application area. Pergola is often applied with front pillar support. Where front pillars are not wanted, the awning can be assembled on a wall with a suspension system, thus allowing you to enjoy the view without interfering with your vision. It can be applied with piers depending on the architecture of the area and decoration needs of the space. Piers add quality to the space with their strong and clean lines. The pergola system has been developed to cover very large areas in a spacious way. It can be applied independently with openings on two sides. Double-sided application expands the outdoor area in a creative way. All of these solutions, which will facilitate your life, have been designed in compliance with the radiant pergola system.

Pergola offers desired permanent solutions in spaces with its modern lines, stylish appearance and aesthetic solutions. With its robust structure, it supports your life and focuses on your joy and comfort with its dynamism. With the modern and clean lines of its pergola systems, Artent improves the quality of your life, allows you to enjoy your living spaces in the best way with its refreshing design, and ensures you have a good time with its elegant look.

Pergola System has been designed to cover an area of 96m² with a single piece, with a 12-meter front and 8-meter extension adjacently or standalone, without requiring intermediary posts.

The system is capable of resisting winds at a speed of 100 km/h, as well as rain, sun and a snow thickness of 30cm.

Its self-framed rail profiles are sized at 150×70, and ensures 8 meters of extension in a single module. The rails have been designed with consideration of high load-bearing capacity.

It is supported with 80×80 or 100×100 poles in the front connection. The front part at a size of 160×120 has been designed as a rain gutter. The water accumulating here is distributed to poles sized at 120×80, thus allowing discreet water discharge.

All of the aluminum profiles in the system are manufactured at high grade. It is painted with electrostatic dust paint. The electrical current used in the painting system acts as a strong carrier between aluminum and the paint. This current ensures that the paint is completely integrated with aluminum so that it can be permanently used for many years. Products are painted at a temperature of 200 °.

The movement of the system is ensured via concurrent action of the carrier cars inside the rails and the timing belt. Carrier cars consisting of 6 wheels act to pull the timing belt, and combines with the traction of the steel wires in the timing belt to ensure superior tension.

The rovings and gaskets in the system prevent air and water leakage into the application area under any adverse weather condition. Rovings are used in fabrics and rails, and gaskets in carrier cars. These details ensure protection against rain to prevent leakage at 100%, and the pergola system can be used for many years.

All connection screws, bolts and pins in the system are made of high-quality stainless steel.

The system used aluminum pipes with a full thickness and with a weight of 1.500 gr per meter. The pipe housing the engine has been designed as compatible with the apparatus of Somfy and Becker smart engines of European technology. After the engine is prompted to run, the pipe comes into action, thus allowing movement of the system. Auxiliary ball bearings are used for this movement. Iron ball bearings help to increase the load bearing capacity to maximum level.

The system uses galvanized sheet iron sheets for insulation. Galvanized sheet iron is connected to the chassis of the pergola system via 50×150 box profile. Thus the rear body is protected and leakage of dirt, water, etc. waste into the application area is prevented.

All plastics other than aluminum used in the system are made of high-quality materials, and designed in full compatibility with the system.

The system has been designed to allow assembling with the top link apparatus, without using a front pole. In the suspended model, the system is carried by a steel or concrete construction instead of front poles. For the suspended system, iron pipes with a diameter of 4 cm and a wall thickness of 3 mm are used. This pipe is secured on the wall with steel hinges in the front and iron wall connection apparatus in the front. This ensures the strength of the rail. The suspended system can also be applied with openings on two directions or with a front pole.

The system has been designed to allow assembling with the pier apparatus, without using a front pole. In the pier moder, the system is carried by a rear iron profile instead of front poles. For the pier system, a 40×80 iron profile is used. This profile is bent and welded to the corner pole in the back. It is also secured on the rail via stainless apparatus in the front. This ensures the strength of the rail. The pier system can also be applied with openings on two directions or with a front pole.

The system has been designed to allow double opening with a central pole or with a central and two side poles. A 100×100 or 150×150 iron profile acts as a pole in the beginning and ending of the double-sided system. These two poles are supported by the same profile at the top to create the skeleton of the pergola. This system allows covering wider areas.

5-Year Guarantee

Pergola Systems are covered by guarantee for 5 years.

Resistant to Climate Conditions

Pergola Awning Systems offers you different experiences with its high-resistant aluminum structure compliant with any weather condition and with its various functions.


The inox sheet iron, screws and pins, which are specially manufactured for the Awning systems, are stainless.

Artent uses Somfy and Becker Awning engines in its products. Somfy and Becker engines are manufactured in compliance with European standards, and they are certified for global standards. The engines can be integrated with all of our products, and all of the systems we manufacture can be used with remote control.

The pergola can be easily and practically controlled via smart engines. With the technology of the engines, when an obstacle is perceived, the Awning is automatically and smoothly closed when the upper ceiling cover is completely stretched. This allows long-term durability of the Awning and the fabric.

Multiple Awning systems can be controlled with a single remote control. This offers practical solutions in use.

The durability of the engines are tested under extremely challenging climate conditions. Before Somfy engine is shipped to your home, it is controlled at the facility to guarantee its long-term reliability. Like all Somfy equipment, the engines inherently comply with all safety standards. Somfy works with other manufacturers which convert your Awnings and shutters into quality electrical equipment. Such equipment offer you efficiency and reliability as a product of shared expert knowledge and experience. The “Powered by Somfy” label on your shutters or Awnings guarantee that you have purchased an equipment that runs with a Somfy engine. Somfy engines are covered by 5-year guarantee.

  • Silent and smooth operation
  • Upper and lower limit positions without the assembly kit
  • Wireless control with integration of a receiver
  • Dynamic loading control starting from the stop moment
  • High closing force value in all Awning applications “(+)”
  • Temporary limit adjusting via remote control
  • Limiting the engine at the desired level via remote control
  • Multiple Awning operation via remote control
  • Lights on/off and dimmer function via remote control
  • Pre-programming with ‘’my’’ favorite location.

Becker aims to add value to your home with its Awning engines, sectional door engines, screen engines, shutter engines and industrial door engines, which offer full automation, smart comfort, high level of security and energy-saving. Among the Awning engine products, electronic limit switch engines, mechanical limit switch engines, receiver-integrated electronic limit switch engines, and sensor control units, sensor sets, sensor systems, cable control units, wireless units and accessories, which will ensure comfort in use, expands the range for your selection. Use with Awning engine, electronic limit switch engines, 63 mm control steel pipes, L44/14 C PS(+) – L120/11 C PS(+) product specifications and detailed information;

  • Silent and smooth operation
  • Parallel connection with a relay of the central system
  • Easy programmability via switches on the engine
  • Upper and lower limit positions without the assembly kit
  • Wireless control with integration of a receiver
  • Dynamic loading control starting from the stop moment
  • High closing force value in all Awning applications “(+)”
  • Easy assembling with “C-Plug” removable power cord