Sliding Glass Systems are applied as lifted or non-lifted, and they appeal to the eye with their decorative look and practical use. This system, which is typically preferred in cases where usage area is limited, operates in horizontal direction and allows working in a small area, thus making it more practical to use.

It is a system that combines homes, work places, cafés, restaurants, etc. spaces with the outside, creates convenient atmosphere for outdoor areas to be used in four seasons, adds to aesthetics with its modern look and bring freshness to its application area. It also helps heat and sound insulation by ensuring full protection against wind, noise, dust, snow, storm, etc. when closed.

These systems, which can be moved freely regardless of horizontal or vertical records, offers unique visual integrity, without compromising from the view and landscape. It can be used in four seasons with its ergonomic design and fully folding structure. It offers superior performance without taking up space thanks to its panels that can be opened right, left or in both directions.

Sliding Glass Systems bring prestige to your space with its elegant structure, while contributing to the decoration with profile and glass paint options according to your concept. It allows enjoying the atmosphere without blocking the outside view, and offers different experiences with its comfort.

  • Sliding Series System can be applied as lifted or non-lifted.
  • A non-lifted lower case profile at a height of 7 mm is offered as an alternative to ensure visual integrity with the floor and to allow easy passage in areas with busy entrance-exit.
  • It offers high level of protection against external factors arising from water leak, wind and adverse weather at ground floors with its lifted lower case profile at a height of 5 mm.
  • Maximum height of 2500 mm and a width of 1100 mm for each flap is recommended for outdoor use.
  • Maximum height of 3000 mm and a width of 1200 mm for each flap is recommended for indoor use.
  • Infinite number of flaps can be applied.
  • The flaps move inside the rails, without folding inwards, thus allowing application in any type of screen.
  • It allows draining water with its corner wedges.
  • Since the bottom wheels of the system can be adjusted, it can be operated in any area without leveling.
  • Besides, the bottom wheels can level themselves.
  • It can be applied in any type of bending balconies (except for elliptical balconies).
  • The flaps move each other via special pulling caps.
  • The gaskets are made of aluminum and fiber roving, which ensures avoiding problems such as yellowing, detaching, etc.
  • The glasses used in the Sliding Series are tempered and have a thickness of 8 mm. Alternative color options are available.
  • The system weighs 25-30 kg per m².
  • All aluminum profiles in the system can be painted with electrostatic dust paint.